Remove walls and fixing the roof

A friend of mine is looking to renovate his property and is looking to remove a wall, problem is the wall he is looking to remove was part of external wall (prior to the previous owner doing an extension).

Ive attached some images.

The section in green is the existing house, the section in blue is the extension. The wall circled in red is the wall to be removed.

Also the extension area does not have a gable roof like the rest of the house, its simply a sloping roof, therefore resulting in the extension area having a high ceiling that slopes down to a very low ceiling (approx 3m high to 2m high).

So the idea is to remove the wall and redo the roof properly that way the ceiling can be the same level as the existing house. Question is, is it possible, and if it possible what kind of figures would one be look at to get that done.


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possible , yes , are the load bearing walls ,dbl brick or brick vaneer? you need , engineers , desighn and a builder to do thjis work, the removal of this wall needs a section of steel, and two or three load bearing points , either steel posts or brick , to run from the original footing to prevent excess movement, depending where you live this job might cost yo up to $100k ,cheers .
Im guessing it would have to be load bearing at the moment as it use to be the external wall. However im hoping that by re-doing the roof I can make it so the roof is no longer load bearing.

The original part of the house is double brick. The extension is brick veneer (possibly even fibro).
NEK the walls are load bearing , that was not the question, the question i ask are these walls either , 1, timber, or two dbl brick, ?
It is possible,
changing a roof line is very expensive, the old one needs to be removed, new trusses put up then reroofed in tiles that match the old ones. The house needs to be covered in the interim with a big tarp. Other problem is increasing the wall height of the existing wall, might need new external walls too.

So the whole extension area will need resheeting too.

maybe 100K plus for no increase in floor space.

Doesn't sound like value to me

He doesnt want to remove the roof of the existing house, rather remove the roof of the extension and do it property so it continues the existing roof line.

I dont think he cares if the new roof matches the old one, the one people who can tell are ones that look extremely carefully or spend a lot of time looking at Google satellite view.

Besides the existing roof is already different colour.
HI neK , sorry for the delay , but thanks for the reply, now i know the walls are dbl brick this simlifies things somewhat, the load bearing ( dbl brick ) wall can be cut at the corner and the window edge, easily enough, a steel lentil can be placed upon the brick ends, allowing 200mm bearing ends,
Knowing the home is dbl brick allows me to assume the roof is also cut,

Knowing its a cut roof again allows me to think that new rafters can be bolted against the old ones ,running them to the other wall, ie extension,
if the roof line stays similiar, roof tiles and battens can be added.

an engineer will calculate 1, the RHJ required for its span, and 2, the new sizes that are required to take a roof tile loads, ie prob only terracotta, these are very light. then insulate, sheet, and repair the floors at the joint, easy job realy.
but still about $100k :D

My friend isnt going to be happy about that.

Oh well lets see how he goes. If the roof wasnt so low i guess it would be ok, god knows what the previous owners were thinking when they added that reno.

Thanks all!