Removing BIR

I'm looking to remove a BIR fro master bedroom.

The builders have cut the tiles, so I'm going to have to try and match them as best I can.

My question is this.
I can see the screw holes hiding under push on type buttons, after I remove these, am I likely to find a heap of glue on the wall, or no? I'm hoping it will be quite easy. The BIR is made from particle board I suspect, and has been laminated.

Also while I've got you.
I have to break a row of half cut tiles to replace also, is this quite simple without breaking the surrounding tiles?
I know I must use a small sledge-hammer and a towel to stop flying debris for removal, seems quite primitive but apparently its 'just how you do it'
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Is the BIR just basic shelves or a big unit? if its basic shelves the timber holding them up is most likely(if installed correctly) going to be glued on..if its a unit..the whole unit itself should just slide out once unscrewed.

Also with your easy way is to cut the grout out with a grouting tool..depending on the gaps? say 3mm..put a peice of maisonite packer in the grout line and its as simple as rippping them up with a hammer and chisel! watch the sharp splinters of tiles on the knees!