Removing Silicone

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to remove silicone from painted gyprock plasterboard. I have cut off as much as possible using a razor but there is still a fine layer left behind.

I need to paint over these walls.


If you are going to paint the walls, could you rub the area over with sandpaper? You would need to get the silicone off completely or you'll have trouble with the paint going on top (which I realise that you already know.... hence the question :)).

PaInter (spelling?) could help you. Maybe send him a PM?
I was recently looking into removing silicon (from a bathtub in this case), and my searching basically found that there is no chemical cleaning fix (besides commercial grade acids/chemicals that they use on glass fish tanks etc)..basically only comes off with manual labour, so scraping off with razor, then rubbing off with thumb/sandpaper...labourious work if there is a lot of residue. I had to do it as apparently silicon doesn't stick at all well to previously cured silicon...

Hope that helps.
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Don't panic wylie I am here,
Silicone is a pain in the bum to say the least,
However remove as much as you can using blade, orbital sander or by any means possible.
When you are happy you have got most of it off,just apply a coat of oil based undercoat on the areas the silicone were,
The acrylic paint will then stick.
If you have an area where silicone has been applied,for example the top of tiles,no more gaps over it and letting it dry will enable painting successfully.
Thanks everyone.

Someone at work also mentioned that acetone (nail polish remover) may also break it down.

Cheers everyone.

I found something in a gel style form that I used for my bathroom and kitchen when I redid the joins. Can't for the life of me remember the name though.

It came from Bunnings so I'm sure someone there will be able to help you. Careful with chrome surfaces tho - it tends to leave a mark.
Simple, put newspaper over the fine silicone remains and iron over it. Use a hot iron. Should come off and stick to the newspaper. Worked for me.
Oh well the acetone didn't work. I will try turps tomorrow. I can't try the iron trick as there is no power connected.

If all else fails I will paint over it with oil based undercoat.

Thanks all