Reno buddy

Hi all

Is anyone else out there looking for a property investment buddy? I am interested in renovating for profit and have already some past experience but am now wishing to pursue this further and would love to meet a likeminded "reno buddy". Someone to share the pain (yes as much hands on as we can) and the gain (profit, profit, profit).

It would be great to bounce ideas and share the research and viewing OFI's. I'm looking around Vic South Eastern suburbs and am open minded to joint venture if that's where the path leads with someone who also has some experience in property investing so we can talk the same language!

My partner is sick and tired of me talking to him about property, property, property all the time - I'm anxious to get started and seem to think that two heads are better than one to share the journey - anyone care to join me?

Look forward to discussing further and to see whether we could be a good "match".....

your reno buddy
Hi there WFFS

Thanks for responding, I have already been to one of your events but I am looking to hook up with someone ready to go ahead now, unfortunately at your event it was more about listening to the speaker rather than being able to network and find a "likeminded soul" ready to move ahead with purchasing a property. I've already spent many $$ gathering my property knowledge now I'm looking for a buddy to get into it together.

Hi Treehouse

All I can say is good luck , stick to your gun's , you will find away, as this is what I also would like to do, I had a builder mate who was going to go in with me as I was going to provide the cash and him the know how , but it appeared in the long run it wasn't 'sexy' enough for him ( he was doing major films at the time ) and I would also like a partner who shared the same interest in all of this , so don't give up to soon ( as I did ) let me know how it goes

Hi Stuart

Thanks for the well wishes, I am determined to find a way, and wont be giving up too easily.....just thought I would put it out there as sometimes the first obstacle is overcoming the fear factor and just going for it - but it makes it so much more fun when there is someone else who shares the same vibe. Hopefully I can offer some kind of support to someone else who is feeling a little stuck and just needs a nudge. I often attend seminars and workshops alone so just thought it would be at least a start to meet someone like minded who is also ready to start their investment journey. Don't give up Stuart - all the best of luck to you too!

As much as it is nice to have a buddy to share the thoughts and profits with.
I believe it is also nice to go it alone,

My wife does not share my enthusiasm of investing as I do,I just talk to like minded people I meet and also I now have somersoft :D

I was also looking for a buddy last year as I was only going to go halves in a couple of projects and found a few people that would have suited,however we all have different ideas and I am a go getta,bargain hunter.

They seem to want to wait,study,do the sums,see what happens kind of people (To late property sold,bargains are gone :()
They seem to want to wait,study,do the sums,see what happens kind of people (To late property sold,bargains are gone :()

You sound like me. A number of times I have seen a property, faxed a contract to hubby and asked him to sign. He says "what I am signing?". Generally all happens within 12 hours.

I like to live dangerously :D.