Reno Kings - intensive Program & Online Workshops

I attended a free 3 day Reno Kings workshop last weekend and found it quite useful and motivating. It also made me consider renovation and property development a lot more in my overall property investment strategy.

There were a couple of their products/services they were selling that I was interested in getting feedback about, especially from anyone that has actually used them.

The first one is the "Property to the max" membership which includes a bunch of online training material/videos, previous workshops, case studies, recorded monthly teleconferences, a support person for questions, 12 months access to buyers agents, email help with floor plans and project plans, 12 months access to RPData. Cost was $497/month or $4997/year.

The second one is the "Property Intensive Program" which is basically 12 months of intensive mentoring, the above "property to the max" membership, several extra half day classes and a on site renovation bus tour, individual help from Reno Kings on your projects/planning, discount buyer's agent commission, video DVDs and an iPad mini. Cost was $19,497.

I know there is likely to be the usual argument of whether people should spend large amounts of money on property workshops, mentoring, training products, etc rather than learning themself by other means, however it would be really good to hear from people that have actually used these Reno Kings products/services and know what their actual experiences were. In other words, where they happy with what they got from Reno Kings and where they able to get drastic improvement in their property investments. If so, some examples would be nice to help me (and possibly others) decide whether to consider using them.