Reno Kings

Was reading an email about Reno Kings

Was thinking of going to one of these - where they drive ard brissy to look at properties how to select etc

They seem to have made a lot of money on renovations and hopefully i could possibly learn something from them based on their experience and expertise

Wondering if anyone has any input into their education seminars or renovation workshops?
Haven't attended one of their courses/tours - think they're simply a money making project for them.

I believe you can learn all you need to know by doing your own research - Due Dilligence. I also believe, if you wish to renovate properties, just get into it and DO IT. Learn on the hop.

If you're relying on a 3rd party to "teach" you how to renovate I suggest that perhaps renovation shouldn't be one of your strategies. If you're a handy-person you'll work it out and have a bit of a plan in your head already of who/what/how etc to tackle renovations.

This is in no way a criticism of anyone, please take this in the spirit it's intended - saving money! Use that money on something useful.

Best of luck.
I went to Justin Eslick's presentation at a BIG meeting in Feb, then a bus trip thing a few weeks ago at Northgate. I had also heard Justin last year at a Big meeting, and the Reno Kings a few years before.

I think the Reno Kings and Justin were straight honest guys offering value for much so that I've paid for three of us to do their intensive Developing for Profit workshop in June 5-6. They gave me the Home Study course cd set as part of the sign up, and I've been listening to the content over the last few weeks....and I am really really impressed.

A lot of the stuff I've picked up through the years, but still wouldn't have the confidence that I knew enough. Hearing the many professionals and consultants that talk help fill in the gaps. I think a content like this would be invaluable to a young person or anyone starting out as it could really fast track and motivate you.

Though I think a lot of people wouldn't see the value in their offerings until they had already looked into a project and attempted to do dd.

I was listening to Rob Balanda in the car on the way home tonight, and he really motivated me to seriously consider a JV. I suppose one of the good things about these seminars is having your eyes opened to much bigger and more rewarding projects, while simultaneously understanding the risks better.
Spent the weekend at the Developing for Profit workshop in Brisbane.

I felt it was excellent value....well organized and catered for.

One of the real value adds was meeting a bunch of highly motivated positive people, with a diverse range of investment and development experience. The Reno Kings do a great job of keeping everyone in a good mood and encouraging networking.

Some of the content I've accumulated from various sources through the years, but it helps to get it repeated a few times from different mouths, because that gives you the confidence there must be some truth in it.

We're certainly considering using Justin Eslake for our next development site purchase. The importance of having an army/team and a process in place, that can be executed confidently and quickly, is becoming ever more apparent.

There's topics I think they could add, but they make no pretence about being all things to all people. i.e. I'd like to see them move towards covering how to emulate the professionalism of a Mirvac, Metricon, or Stockland. Scale it down of course for smaller niche projects, but use the same disciplined systems and processes as these guys, especially economic forecasting to manage risk and better market research to gauge demand, project management etc.

The reason I say this is because learning a disciplined systems based approach will be just as pertinent in 5-10 years. Whereas examples of projects that succeeded in the last few years, may actually be dangerous to emulate in 5-10 years. Nevertheless, the boys didn't have that background, and it is very much their personal experience, and the advice of the many highly regarded professional consultants that spoke.
I have to agree with WW, I have only done Reno Kings online workshop however it was great value and good insight. I well and truely had that investment returned to me through profits from my next project.

Dont misunderstand though, the course is not about trades, its about how to profit with low risk. It includes areas on negotiation, renovate for profit, know when to resell or hold, know how to avoid many reno and investing risks, and some tax stuff etc. If you're already comfortable with these and more then you prolly will learn more by going ahead and doing it, or doing a more advanced course (their development course or someone elses). But if you feel you have questions which cause you to procrastinate then RKs are definately helpful.

Another thought is for those doubters who believe that many of these courses represent the only profits these people make. I cant see that being the case with RKs. They are very open about their projects, very little is rehearsed so the information just flows like a mind download. Makes for quite an honest exchange. I cant see them making more money from their courses, though I'm sure the courses do well.
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I did a reno Kings bus tour thingy years ago.

While I like their philosophy (and have certainly bought, reno'd and sold for a profit) My ONE big problem I have with them is the "super quick" reno's.

Having a tradie husband, things have to be preped properly, not paint just slapped on so it looks good.

I/we were actually chatting to a R/E agent in Bris (we were doing some work for them) and ven they were dubious. This particular agent said he would be wary of renting out a "Reno Brother's" property beacuse he could foresee maintainance issues fairly quiclkly.

Reno-íng for a profit CAN be done (have a look at the stuff Nathan does) but do it so the ongoing maintainance doesn't end up costing more.

My 2c
Gday guys,

If your interested in Small time Development; I highly recommend Developing for Profit CD's...

I also did the "On the Bus" tour and got a great Lessons Learnt on what to do and what not to do....

The way I look at it, Spending a few $1000 now will save you $10,000 during the development due to a major F$%# up.
Just wanted to bump this old thread and ask if anyone has used Justin eslick to purchase a development site? Cant seem to find anyone that has.