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From: Adam Randall

I have posted some more pictures of my current renovation. Apart from the skirting boards and some paint scraping I am finished. (the formal entry that is). It has taken since the easter weekend to do this however from the pictures you can see I have changed the whole look of the room. It has cost (including doors) less than 1500 dollars to complete, this may sound like a lot for an entry however it measures about 3 * 4 metres so its large, as well as the fact the high point of the ceiling is about 4 metres. I do not like heights so came up with a great invention involving a pool pole an electric sander and some gaffer tape, which worked better than I hoped.
Does anyone else get annoyed at the fact you have to buy a special pole for window cleaning attachments, then there is a special pole for swimming pool atachements, and one for painting, then if you buy the little rollers you cant use a pole, oh and then I went and bought a decent roller holder (one that holds both sides evenly) got it home and found out my roller tray isn't wide enough, common sense would say make a roller tray big enough to accept the largest roller and you can then use it for everything, one final irritation is if you go to bunnings there are approximately 355467,000 rechargeable drills to choose from, anyone ever tried getting hold of a decent rechargable sander, people look at me as if am an idiot when I ask if there is any in stock.
Anyway onto the renovation, the photos attached are of the same room, Most books on the subject of cost effective renovating say don't spend money on doors as they won't get you your money back. I do not know about other types of doors but when it comes to french doors, I have to disagree, they seem to change the whole character of the room, and for $200 I don't think you can go wrong.
This may sound verging on the ridiculous, has anyone used a french door for a skylight, the beveled edges would diffuse the light very well, the glass panels are very tough, and with the right surrounds it could look quite smart. $200 vs $1500 for a velux skylight of smaller size, Im tempted to give it ago.
Regards Adam
ps website for the liquid sandstone is
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From: Glenn Mott


I agree with your comment about French doors, they look fantastic and you do get your money back, especially when they replace a skanky aluminium door!!

Good work with the reno mate!!

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From: Simon St John


Congratulations - the result is incredible.

Well worth the time and effort you have obviously put in.

By the way, you mentioned "all the books on cost effective renovation....." Could you share some of the titles/authors for us to check out?

Cheers, Simon
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From: DB Bear


That looks really good!

Just a thought about spending money on entrance ways - it gives a great impression to tenants and bank valuers. It would even give a great impression to a home buyer, if that's your market. So, IMHO, I think it's a great idea to jazz up the entrance way!

Melbourne Freestyler Co-ordinator
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