Renovating remotely - who did you use to project manage?

Currently looking at Deception Bay for an IP. We realise this is a very active market right now. We are contemplating buying a property with good bones but in need of a cosmetic makeover. We have a property manager that has been recommended that friends are happy with. We haven't discussed what fees would be to project manager for us with the PM. For those of you that have renovated remotely using a PM to project manage - what was the rough cost or percentage. Is this the best option or should we use a builder or independent project manager. Realistically we are too time poor to travel to manage a project that would last more than 2 days. Full time jobs x 2 and 3 kids - 2 of which are at school and very little family support for childcare. Happy to pay someone to project manage to maintain some sanity!
I am also in a similar boat to yourselves! We are looking in the same area and would be interested in the same thing. We will be traveling down through there on our way back to Sydney in the coming months but want to buy ASAP and not wait.
is there a demand for project managers/handymen like this? As id be happy to travel around and undertake the works, plus send photos back and details etc.

Sorry to jump on your thread
Bob Shovel, not sure what the demand would be like for this kind of thing but there are certainly a lot of renters in Deception Bay - roughly 43% so plenty of investors. Just wanting some feedback from those who've been there. I could only find 1 other thread on this topic and nothing that mentioned a going rate for a property manager to project manage. Did you see the recent property at 7 Ilonka St? Sold in 3 days. Maybe my sums are completely wrong but my top dollar for that one was $280K and it sold for $291K:eek: