Renovation books

Hi Everyone,

I want to do a renovation project on my next IP, the sort of Cosmetic renovations that Michael Croft talks about.

Can anyone recommend any books/websites that I can read to learn about it? (I am not very handy and nevery done any building/painting before).

Dear Henry,

A couple of places to possibly find some suitable books.


Paul Eslick
Expert Renovator ?
Author of “The Investors Guide to Quick and Easy Renovations.

Have myself "The Penguin Australian Do It Yourself Manual". Which is a useful Australian based general reference.

The Penguin Australian Do It Yourself Manual DIY
Author: Anon other titles

* Comprehensive, up-to-date and packed with useful advice
* Written by Australian experts for Australian conditions and regulations
* Practical, easy-to-follow instructions with over 2000 colour photographs and illustrations
* Detailed lists of tools and materials and hundreds of helpful hints

RRP: $75.00
ISBN: 0670896373
Media: Hardback
Audience: Adult
Pages: 464
Format: HZ (Miscellaneous)
Imprint: Viking
Publisher: Viking
Origin: Australia
Original Date
of Publication: August 2001
Reissue Date: November 2001
Category: Home, Improvements & Decorating

Practical websites on Australian renovations.
Read lots here. There is lots of good information on this site and in the archives.


renovations books

There are literally hundreds out there. Your best bet is to start at your local library and borrow rather than buy them. They also have the latest magazines that you can browse through for ideas. This is the method I use and if I find myself borrowing the same book over and over, then I go out and buy it. The other thing I like about the library access is that they regularly update their collections so they keep you in touch with new products and latest trends and colours.
Its a whole new world for you. I love it, but you need to be patient and don't rush anything. Make sure you test any colours beefore you actually start using them as they are often different on the wall than they look in the small samples.
There are some very creative designers out there. Copy from books and magazines, take the books to the hardware shop with you and ASK! ASK! ASK! Most of this information is free.
Enjoy your challenge.