renovation tip 3365

From: Adam Randall

curtains are expensive
paint stripping is fun for the first 20 mins
$10,000 does not go very far.
a $200 karcher pressure cleaner is a good investment.
I have now started on the games room, turning the store room into a study (unfortunately at 1.5m wide its to narrow for a 4th bedroom). After having done 3 years of thai boxing I decided to take the gyprock studwall down with a combination of devastating elbows, knees, and punches, this on reflection was not a very good idea.
Before any painting can take place I have had to take care of the roof, as it leaks a little bit. After quite a bit of investigation I found an entire roof beam missing (the little ones that run across the roof line, that the tiles rest on). All that is left is a black substance like ash and a resident millipede colony. Does anyone know what could have caused such destruction to a solid peice of timber. For information no other timber has been effected. Im begining to worry it might be dry rot, as I have heard that is hard to stop and is infectous to other wood nearby.
Here are the pictures of the most resent progress. PS if anyone wants around 8*6 metres of red carpet with underlay in the Adelaide metro area email me (its a freebee).
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