Renovators Seminars in Sydney + Lease options



From: Matthew Campbell

I noticed some guys talking about renovators expo's in Melbourne.. Can anyone suggest who runs these and if there are any of these type of seminars in Sydney?

Also, does anyone here do lease options? I have done a little research and found what seems to be a good website called He sells a book on lease - options. Has anyone read / purchased this book? If so, can anyone give some feedback on it?

One more thing. I've found a house that's a bit run down and it was on the market about 3 months ago but since has been taken off. I am trying to find the owner without approaching the real estate agent who had it listed. But it seems there have been some new laws that preven Councils / Land Titles office to give out these details. The house is unoccupied and hasn't been maintained for 2 years. Ive spoken to both neighbours and they can't give much more info..

Thanks in advance

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From: Yuch .

Yes, there are homeshows, renovators/builders expo in Sydney as well, it's called interbuild expo. Unfortunately you've just missed it.

I will remember to post them on the forum when the next one comes up.

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From: T W

You should be able to do a land titles search if you have the address. If Land Titles no longer permit this, just ring up the council and ask for the DP number. If you have this you can then put a check in with land titles and get the owners names.


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From: Matthew Campbell

I have the owners names but it's a common chinese name and I dont have any further details

eg: Street or Suburb..

Maybe if I do search for Private owners with that name, the LTO may show me other properties they own, yeah?

I'll try that

Any further suggestions if this fails?


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From: Russell H

try writing a letter to them, by name, at the address - Aus Post may still be forwarding their mail.

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