I have a tenant who would like to buy the property she's renting.

Are RTB and wraps the same and does anyone know how they should be structured in Qld? I dropped in to my Lawyer's office today and no-one seemed to know what I was talking about.

Anyone know a Qld lawyer with standard "wrap packs"? Sorry if I sound like a beginner but compared to some here, I am.
Hi Sunfish,

I found a Queensland Solicitor who was familiar with the term and even had him draw a Contract up for me.

Unfortunately after three weeks of repeated calls trying to get a change in the contract, I gave up and lost the deal.

This was some years ago. BTW, I received no bill for his services or lack of!:eek:

I actually have the contract and I can PM you with details and .pdf if you like. If I have the contract and Minutes, you could possibly change details. Once you find a good Solicitor it might save you some dollars.:D

I am signing off now to enjoy my beer! :D

Regards JO
I have done 1 or 2 or even 101 wraps in Qld also known as Instalment Contracts.

They are totally different to a RTB or License to Occupy which we use in Qld.

We have a standard Instalment Contract which we sell in Qld if you want to shoot me an email.

As long as you understand that in Qld the buyer / you does not receive the FHOG upfront on possession so dont ecpect this to be part of your initial deposit income.