Rent vs Buy: An Australian "Cost Comparison"

I agree, I looked at a few places in Brisbane 2013 and 2014 that were selling for pretty much the same price 5-7 years earlier, and with the current yields made them no brainers to me anyway,

Time, as always, will tell.
any movement from 2013 to 2015? or too soon to really tell?
any movement from 2013 to 2015? or too soon to really tell?
A comparable property to the one we bought in 2013 has just been relisted for $100k more than it sold for 2 years ago. It's an asking price only, but I have it on watch list, if it sells close to what they are asking then the area has definitely started to move a bit. It is not high end for Brisbane it's in the $400k range, so it's a big % gain IF it happens.

The ones we bought in 2014 were late in the year, there is nothing comparable that can be bought today for prices a low as we did, but it's too early to tell if there's been any real market movement.
I'd prefer to buy in the long term but with my current finances I rent. I get $290 a week rent from my IP but only pay $120 a week renting with my gf and 1 of her friends in a suburb where the median house price is around 475k. Me and my girlfriend could buy a place together but than we'd be living in a location in the opposite direction from my work and all her family so we'd be spending an extra $100 a week in petrol just commuting. Makes more sense to rent atm.
I am currently living almost rent free... BUT in the near future I will likely have to move for work! Most likely I will look at getting a PPOR so I can enjoy all the benefits (okay mostly CGT exemption) but will then rent as where I want to rent is not a great place to buy... A building that I have my eye on has strata of about 5k per year... So over $90 a week on top of building insurance/rates/mortgage.... It makes the rent seem pretty cheap.. Not to mention the pool/gym/spa all look very appealing and a great 'free' way to enjoy my free time. On this building.... The rent is $400 a week... I/O + costs would be over $470 a week! So to me... that is not worth it...