Rental inspection

Help please
is it normal for realestate agent to take photos during a rental inspection?

I find this quite intrusive would love your opinions.

Definitely not normal. Is it the usual three monthly inspection or is it the first one, because that might be different. It might be for an entry report. Of course the other scenario might be that the place is being put up for sale, or to be re let, but if that is the case taking pictures of the interior of a tenanted place without the permission of the tenants is a definite no no, at least it is here in Queensland, don't know about other States but I would be surprised if it was allowed. Outside pictures would be a different matter I think.
is it normal for realestate agent to take photos during a rental inspection?

I think it would be 'normal' yes, especially at the beginning of a tenancy. Perhaps half way through as well would still be OK and of course at the end, especially if there is going to be a claim for some bond based on the property's condition.

Privacy legislation applies but it really only relates to the photos being put on public display (as would be the case on the internet where the property is being offered for sale). This is clearly not the case if the photos are only being stored at the REAs office/computer systems for filing purposes.
Inspection Photos

the agent I am currently with does take photos
for their report to the landlords.
1. to prove they have attended the property
2. to show that the property is being maintained satisfactorily.

they do try to avoid taking photos of the tenants personal items.
Of course our PM takes pictures. She only photographs faults that require attention, or items recently installed, or repairs done etc. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and helps us to understand exactly what the issue is.

As neither the PM nor I are remotely interested in the tenant's possessions these are never in the pictures.
Yep Reefer,
our PM takes photos of inspections but she informs the tenants of her intentions too. She avoids photographing tenants possessions, but I expect to know how the property is being maintained. I suggest that you put anything personal out of sight when the agent comes to call.
The tenant can challenge the action if no permission has been granted prior.

We put it as a clause in our leases that our property managers or maintenance guys are able to take photos during routine inspections.
Well, I'll go to our house, as my partner would say (he's a Geordie:)) in over ten years of working with various property managers I have never seen any of them take photos at routine inspections.
The tenant has a right to deny photos of possessions.

I take photos at inspections - of maintenance issues - light fittings, leaks...the new termite mound I saw...:) cornices with movement cracks. My tenants never have issues with these.

It's against the law to take photos of the property without prior written consent in Qld if the purpose of the photos is intended to be used for marketing.

Commonsense and respect.

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