Rental Vacancy Rate

Hi All I am new to this forum and this is my first post.
I have 1 x IP and am researching to buy the next IP.
my question is : where do people look up the rental vacancy rate and do you trust the source?

the reason I am asking is that I have looked at the 2 x IP magazines( your investment property and API) and website like SQM research , even with the same postcode , same suburb name and roughly same period of time the vacancy is very different
e.g. Altona Meadows 3028
period: Nov 2014

Your Investment Property magazine : 1.43% data from ***************************
SQM research website: 3 %

I would like to do my research but if the raw data is untrustworthy it can be dangerous. I know REIV also sell this type of data but it seems to be a summarised version and does not break down to individual postcode

Thank you in advance for reading and replying

I think it's much of a muchness between those mags.

I'd use them for initial info - but then follow up with a couple of calls to local property managers to get an idea of how things are looking on the ground at present.


A good way to check is to look at how many rentals are available on for your chosen areas. If you follow this religiously like I do, you'll soon get a feel for how many is good or bad. Eg if 20 is normal for the area, then perhaps 10 or 30 would be unusual for different reasons.

You'll also get to see if any have been online for an unusual amount of time and perhaps spot their faults which will be handy to avoid in your own buying.
Speak to a couple of PMs in the area and look a at a certain price point around the type of property you are looking at buying. eg I can see in the lower price bracket in orange at the moment there is an oversupply and my current rental return could be under pressure if the present tenant vacates.
Compare listings with advice from PMs and you will get a good overview
I know, it's really annoying isn't it! Just makes you wonder how reliable the whole data set is because there can be massive variances.

I use this when I was looking at a area, realestateinvestar
It shows you

Current vacancy rate
Rental stock available
Rental population

And a few other stats:)