Renting horse stables

Hi I was just wondering if there are any guidelines to renting Horse Stables, the area is Ascot WA and is walking distance to the racetrack, the property is divided into 2 with a house on the front and stables at the back ( stables have separate driveway and is fenced off from the house.

also would there be anywhere I could get a look at a rental agreement for such a property or any advice from anyone who may have done this in the past

There are some simple licence agreements available for generic lettings which aren't governed by residential tenancies act.

Just need to get one which covers the basics eg rent, dates, termination, cleanliness, damage, insurances etc.
We do something similar for a property in Morphettville here in Adelaide. The property is located near Morphettville racecourse and has stables at the back of the property. The tenants living in the house have no interest in, or rights to the stables. They are leased to other tenants who use them on race weekends.

For the lease agreement on the stables, we used a standard tenancy agreement and then modified it with a detailed addendum. All parties are happy and it has been working well for almost a year now.