Renting out to Minors

HI the unit neighbour wants to rent out my unit to his daughter. She is 17 years old, and will receive Youth Allowance, which is about $371 plus Rent Assistance $111 per fortnight. The Rent will be $440 per fortnight.
If I make out the lease to the daughter, is this legal, should I get the Father to be a guarantor - can she still get the allowances.
How does this work with students etc.
I know they will look after the place, he even spoke of wanting to buy it, when she finishes her studies etc.
371 + 111 = 482

482 - 440(rent) = 42

I hope she doesn't eat too much or have many bills to pay!

Lol me too..

Although, why doesn't she have a job..?

I love how people on youth allowance earn more than i do..:mad:

And no she can't sign it, so the father would have too, and unless he's going to help out with the rent or food etc, i don't think it would be smart..
Hmm unless the OP missed a word and means the $371 is per week?? Would youth allowance be that much?? Nah, couldn't be...

More info needed I think.

By the way, ofcourse he'd like to buy, he's the neighbour isn't he? (Sounds like a clever property investor)
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Leasing to minor?

I was told recently by the Office of fair trading in NSW that if a person under 18 signs a rental lease they are bound by it.(I did it in one of mine)
I just got her father to put up a big bond.
BTW I had to draw it fully 6 weeks later ha ha.
You can sign whatever you like at whatever age you like but unless you are at least 18 yrs old, the contract / lease / agreement to buy a car etc. is not able to be enforced by a court.
Is your unit next door to where she's living with her father?

If so then they probably want to claim the Centerlink benefits as she will technically be living away from home :confused: (and have more space for the existing family ;)).

I don't know quite how it works but if the lease is in the fathers name would she be able to claim both of those allowances?

To get rent relief I do know you need to show Centerlink your lease.

Look into it further so you don't get messed around.