repairs for tenants

Hi guys.

I renovated a property earlier in the year and the agent has just performed her 6 month (first) inspection. The tenant has kept everything beautiful and we're really happy with her. The only thing is that she has asked for some very minor repairs to be done and I worry that Im being too nice to her! Obviously I want to look after her and keep her on, but I guess its a fine line.

She has asked to install some more curtains in one of the bedrooms which I did pay for because I was going to do it but ran out of time. She has just said that the ceiling fan is noisy and needs rebalancing?? and that the back door flyscreen has holes in it and the flies are getting in. Also curtain hooks where you tie curtains back to are loose (fair enough).

Should I pay to fix these things or will it just lead to more niggly requests??

I'd be interested to hear people's policy on flyscreen repairs!

Those holes in the fly screen would have to be enormous to start letting flies in.

Start responding to minor things and all your rent is going to go to the handyman. Save up all the little issues and send out a handyman once.

Were there holes there when she moved in?? If so, she inspected and accepted in that condition. If there wasn't - how did the holes get there? Does she have animals? Did she cause them? If so, she can pay :).

By all means fix the little things but do it when the handyman is already going for other items (as handyandy has mentioned).

Most ceiling fans in Australia require rebalancing and sound like something going to take off. I'd just save this up for when an electrician needs to attend for something else :).
Allgood, if she is a good tenant then look after her the repairs to the flyscreen are simple and in expensive to fix. As Scott stated it may need more than balance, get an electrician to investigate and quote, may be cheaper to install new than too repair.
Personally - if it's a good tenant, I'd keep them happy and get this done. It sounds like their first request - and they've waited until the 6 month inspection.


Personally - if it's a good tenant, I'd keep them happy and get this done. It sounds like their first request - and they've waited until the 6 month inspection.
Cheers Jamie

^ ^ what he said. Gee she's not asking for A/Con or anything - just a few niggles to fix up. Just do it.
If you can encourage tenants to wait until 6 month inspection this saves on handyman costs as he can fix them all in one visit. If you do fix them after the inspection then you may not hear anymore until next inspection and tenant is happy. They are minor, I would fix them all in one visit and move on.

I always think if you fix them all you are entitled to move your rent up when it suits you.
For a good tenant I would gave no hesitation about getting things they bring up at an inspection seen to. I wish my tenants were all organised enough to hand over a list of issues that need attention at inspection time so I could get a handyman to do them all at once.

Tenants have a right to expect that fly screens keep out flies if there are screens installed. Screens do wear out and holes do get bigger. It is the nature of things. As to the fan, I guess it depends on how noisy it is. The request for more curtains is probably up to you - they accepted the place with the number of curtains supplied. Depending on cost. I'd probably do it but keep a list of what money I had spent on improvements, and when it hit $2k add an extra $5/wk to the next regular rent review.

Looking after good tenants costs money, but replacing tenants and dealing with bad tenants is far more expensive.
Everything except the fan sounds reasonable to me, and with the fan I've have it checked at the very least to re-assure them I care. If it's within limits, drive on.
Possible to rebalance with a few twists to the blades , have also glued a few 5 cent pieces to get the balance better.