Replacing "breeze blocks" ?

Hi everyone,

I'm not sure what they're called, but I'm thinking of those bricks with holes in them for breezes that make old brick houses look like public toilets. I'm calling them breeze blocks until I find out the real name.

See here for an example (in this case they're grey):

Anyway, on a brick-and-tile reno where the house gets rendered, what would be the best thing to replace the breeze blocks with for a modern look? The options I see are:

  • Render them - They still look like they need a Mens/Ladies sign.
  • Fill the holes then render them - No breeze
  • Remove the wall completely - No privacy or shade
So what's the modern-looking equivalent of a wall of breeze blocks?

I would think the end blocks are holding the roof up.
I would have it knocked down and replaced with a timber post and matching
wooden slats.
I would think the end blocks are holding the roof up.

Yes, in the example photo. However sometimes I've seen these types of walls that aren't holding anything up, like you could climb over them.

Timber slats sounds good... maybe with a steel post.

Okay thanks Chris... so without asking them for a quote, do you think they would fit within the reno mantra of not over-capitalising? A quick cosmetic job would be my main aim.

I was thinking something like this link below which shows an old unit block
which has been renovated and has a feature wall with wooden slats.

Thanks nww; the image looks like something I can see myself doing for profit.

p.s. I just registered to document these types of renos... I'm surprised it was available.