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To the other MB on the list.

Doing a bit of research and was hoping you would help.

1. On average when a client has a question and you don't have the answer how long does it normally take to get a response from your Aggregator?

2. Does your aggregator allow you to speak direct with the lenders?

Hope this does not sound to strange.


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If its a lending question and we dont know then usually we just ring or email the bank guy, not the aggregator... then it can be 20 minutes or 3 days depending on the people involved.

Most lenders have broker contacts to begin with which are set up for us to contact... call centres, email centres, relationship managers, credit teams...

that help?
Aggs dont do much work on the front lines on the day to day stuff

We go for the lender direct, and usually, where possible straight to the credit person looking at the file

lenders direct here if information can't be sourced from the lenders broker manual.

Timeframes can vary depending on the lender as some have dedicated credit lines you can call for policy/structural info & others have you call the BDM.
Most BDM's will reply on the day, some evn will call after hours to ensute contact is made the same day.
The comes the clown from Homeside I have who may call this side of Xmas :mad:

Thanks to everyone, it seems things are different where I am, much to think about.

Appreciate all your replies.

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If in doubt use the email broker support option if you can't get onto your BDM or the bank directly. Usually takes a few hours, most major lenders have this option of contact re policy queries. I wouldn't even consider speaking to the aggregator.

Hope this helps you.

Thanks, the issue is we have to go via our head office and then they contact the bdm on our behalf, which is like asking someone to ask someone, and then of course the request is not looked at until maybe a week later.

So thanks to everyone as its given me some ideas on future direction.

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The commission structures would want to be good if you have to operate that way ;). Must be really frustrating at times.

Do you not have your own access to the broker websites?
Slowly getting them, but all deals are meant to go via head office, yes driving me nuts!!

Almost lost a deal for $6m because H/O were chasing NAB but it was a construction commercial deal, no doc, so after trying with h/o going to NAb and getting nowhere just went ahead direct to a lender who did the deal.

Almost lost client from the WAIT, now there are happy and don't ring me 2 or 3 times a day, in fact went and had coffee the other day with them.

Take it easy.