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From: Rich Dude32

A friend of mine who regularly visits this forum brought it to my attention over dinner one night.
Did not know one existed.

I was a bit skeptical, so they suggested putting in a anonymous post. Obviously the post was too frank and open for most people, pity, but that's o.k.

I am not blowing my own trumpet, I can assure you someone else does that.

Actually until a couple of weeks ago i used a computer for the first time. Amazing things aren't they! Absolutely amazing!.
Slowing learning, when i have the time.
Purchased a expensive computer, i think, however can't use it properly as yet, will need some help!

Thanks for the replies, i hope to answer all your posts.

Robert: I suppose not.
Mike: More than interesting i hope.
Don't feel threatened.
Firefrog: Thankyou.
Sim H: Trust is important.
I like the name 'richdude'.
David T: You have a lot to learn, indeed.
Yes, i do because the air we breath
is FREE.
Robert: Partially true and sincerely best of
Seagull: great attitude.
James: I hope that's true.
My post is far from a load of crap.
You wish!

As soon as i get a hang of this (using the computer and internet) I hope to teach some of you DREAMERS how to actually make money and more money from property investment. FREE!
Growth, real growth and more growth is essential and the most important thing in a property portfolio.

Dreams do come true, with passion, persistence, and a positive attitude.

Richdude, 32years old, controlling 19 million dollars worth of residential property, 9.7 million nett assets and rising!
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From: Samuel Riley

Well all we are in The presence of royalty, I cant speak for others but do you mind if I call you "Sir Rich Dude"

I can see how would acquire such a mass of wealth at a relatively young age with your statement/motto.....

"Dreams do come true, with passion, persistence, and a positive attitude."

c ya round cyberspace,

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From: GoAnna !

Welcome to the forum richdude : )

I look forward to your thoughts and experience especially in the area of growth.

Do you have a number of income / growth vehicles and what role does property play in your plan? Where do you stand on the issue of growth versus cash flow?

I hope that you are willing to share your experiences will all members of this forum regardless of how far we still have to travel.


GoAnna !
(aka Anna before she got real)
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From: Dave :)


At least we now have an identity. Welcome aboard RichDude. By now you'd have come to the realization that some of the negative replies to your post were not intended to attack you personally...but to let you know that your initial approach was a little unorthodox.

Then again, that approach must work well for you if you have attained that level of wealth by the age of 32. You say:

"David T: You have a lot to learn, indeed"

Well RichDude, I do have a lot to learn. That's why I'm learn from the experience of others who have been where I am now and have progressed to the point of financial independence. It seems as though you are one of these people?? Great, I look forward to you imparting some of your humble wisdom once you've closed the back cover of your "Idiots Guide to the PC"

...that's not a slur,by the way, it's the name of a good book to help you get the knack of that strange technological gadget before you.

One more thing RichDude, since you're new here(as I am..only 8 weeks old!), I'd stay clear of calling people in here DREAMERS - it's a little arrogant and presumptuous of you to presume we know nothing and you are the sole owner of the secrets of the mystical IP universe.

This forum doesn't need a self professed IP Messiah...but it does value the honest sharing of experiences and knowledge for the benefit of all of us.

I look forward to seeing your contribution from now on. And, in all seriousness, welcome aboard.

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From: Firefrog .

I have not been around this board that long but this is the most interesting introduction to anyone I have seen yet. One little post generated much discussion. I love it. :)

Can't wait to see what you have to offer us all Rich dude. Bring it on.

The Frog


You can achieve far more than you allow yourself to believe. - David Pollitt
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From: Rasputin .

Sounds like my sort of guy, FREE info...

Just wondering how hard is it to tpye information here, you did once do it again, please.. Some of us newbies to investment Properties eagerly await your info

Questions for you to answer when you get time
1. How much money did you start with (Equity/Cash)
2. At what rate did you aquire your properties?
3. Do you use other investments such as shares or solely property?
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From: The Wife


I dont understand how those 3 questions would help you?

Is there a meaning behind the questions?

~Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all~
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From: Iona .

I would be delighted to hear some comments from Rich Dude to Rasputin's questions... I just love success stories, they spur me on and I am sure they inspire most people on this Forum.
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Reply - wealth in property Lunch with us

From: Gee Cee Cee

Well we ain't snobs.

If you had seen see us at the Rocks having lunch you would think anything from a bunch of hippies, a few trendies, solicitors as well as the odd GP sitting there chatting, available in case anyone's blood pressure rose too high.

Whether we have only discovered property or control vast portfolios.

I think we all come from the same motivated area.

Next Lunch
Why not join us.

Gee Cee
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From: Alan Hill

The Wife,

Actually I found the three questions fairly relevant and I also would love to hear a response. Although, I am yet to be convinced of the bonafide of 'Richdudes' comments. There is a lot of substance coming from this forum but I have yet to hear anything 'meaningful' from 'Richdude'.
The lunch sounded interesting, would love to attend at some stage.

Regards all.
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From: Rasputin .

Well the reason for the questions and relevance is ..

1. Seeing how well he has done in such a shor tiem, I wanted to know did he have much to start with as I am starting with absolutly nothing so need a success story to hang onto.

2. I wanted to know his rate of buying as I may well want to model myslef on his success and try to achieve a simialr success but at a later start age.

3. I was also interested to know whther as a Rich Dude he sticks to only IP or has a diversified asset/income base.

So Rich Dude where are you ????
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From: James Doherty

I think i am speaking for us all when I say you are extremely welcome. If you are who you say you are then there is a few of us on the other end of the spectrum aching for just some of your Information.
Hope we eventually all make you feel comfortable here. You never know it's quit possible that one of us has concepts you can use.

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From: Rasputin .

We must have scared him off he has never responded to this again !!!
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