Request for colour schemes

My apologies for the people who have alread worked so hard...

I see an option for a colour scheme. Not much choice there, and that's fine...

What I'd like to request is a plain, unadorned colour scheme. With very inobtrusive logos.

It would be for those forum people who read the forum at work- but, who obviously should not be.

So that, it someone is looking over their shoulder, it's only obvious from reading closely that it's not work related.

Not that I would ever do that. But there may be a few people who do.
What a responsive forum!

A new "plain" option takes away the mauve and the big logo. Much more subtle.

Thanks people!

I will answer your post, coz I know sim's logged off for the night...

We have toyed with different colour schemes, and have lots of ideas.

These will all be put up in due course. We wanted to have them ready for release (as it were) but because of the rushed start date of the new forum (When the other sh*t itself) it wasn't done prior to start.

Now, unfortunately, it has to take a back seat to general running and organising stuff.

When things have calmed down a bit (and, I suspect Sim is home from his holiday) this will be on the agenda!

I mean, how RUDE of sim to take a holiday!!! :p

We have quite a few ideas of different colour schemes, including a "I'm at work, not really chatting" one...


asy :D

Sim has provided a plainer option oalready- without the big logo, without the mauve around the edge- a big improvement.


Sim has provided a plainer option oalready- without the big logo, without the mauve around the edge- a big improvement.

Where is this option locate? can you give us more details, I wouldn't mind having this option either (since I normally access this great forum via work PC ;) )

If you look in the User Control Panel (click on the "user cp" button at the top of this page), go to the "Edit Options" page, scroll right down the bottom to the "Other Options" section and look at the "Style Set" field.

The default value is called "Somersoft Default". There are currently two other value you can choose from, "vBulletin", which uses the colour scheme which comes in the box for all vBulletin sites... and the new (but experimental) "Plain" style.

Give them a go and see what you think.

As asy said, we are looking at some extra colour schemes and styles - when we get time !
Thanks Sim!

I selected "Plain" version, it certainly tone the whole thing down a bit more. Hopefully this will make it looks like I am working

Great new forum and it is getting better every days, congrate to everyone involved again from me.
Of course, neither the owners, nor the administrators of the Somersoft Property Investors Forum condone or encourage the abuse of your employers time or facilities.


of course, I wouldn't be suggesting using employers time either. I was just posting a hypothetical.

It is a public holiday here in NSW though.