RESIDEX - Are they worth the money



From: Hugh Saddington

Has anyone bought the Residex reports, are they worth the money, accurate with the forecasts?
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From: Rolf Latham

Hi hugh

Depends on which reports, which city you are in and your situation. I subscribe to the NSW database and the information provided allowed one of my clients to borrow 250 k extra he didnt think he had.


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From: Tibor Bode

Hi Hugh,

I am subscribing their QLD report and I am happy with it. Whether they fulfill their forecast or not I can not tell as yet, but they provide me tons of useful information.
As a word of warning: there is no single information source which gives you the
"MAGIC FORMULAE". You will have to do your own work and use the RESIDEX report as part of your due diligence or research, not as the FULL job. Their numbers tell me a beautiful story (no, it is not always written down, you will have to find it yourself)

I hope it helps,

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From: Lotana Von Amor

Just a couple of months ago I restructured my borrowings with the lender (multiple loans, multiple security properties). I had one house valued by the bank in January, when I lodged an application, at $725K. In March, when the bank was about to release additional money to me, they decided to value it again using a different valuer. I was not too pleased with the delay. I then spent $65 to get a property report from RESIDEX, another $55 to get a report for all sales in the suburb in the last 12 months. I compiled a "report" for the valuer and indicated that I believe the house is worth at least $900K (obvious exaduration ). The result - his valuation came at $850K and I got additional $100K from the bank. That was the best $100 I've ever spent!

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From: Mark Pardi

We use Residex for a lot of our research and reports.

I have personally used Residex for the last three years.

We have used Residex for comparable sales, growth for castes and for market opinions as to what a house may be worth. We have also used their reports to indicate growth trends and statistics.

We subscribe to most of their services and we have no "financial" interests with Residex......and this is not an ad either !!

simply credit where credit is due.

We believe that they are good guys and independent.....driven by actuarial and statistical methodology.

One of their managers Michael Bradley has been most helpful in the past to three different organizations I have worked with.

Certainly worth a call and certain reports.

They have a report called a "price explorer" which is most useful for one off type purchasers

They also have a postcode predictions report and this is excellent

Mark Pardi

Property Buyers Network

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From: Steven Parker

I've used Residex- both quarterly reports ($65) and postcode sales histories and have found them to be extremely useful, especially when you compare the similar sales. Worth the money in my opinion.
cheers, Jacque :)
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From: Rod Myers

Where can i get Residex?
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From: Sim' Hampel


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