restumping a weathboard house


I have a two bedroom weatherboard postwar house which needs restumping. I would like some advice please, on
1. Cost- how much does this cost? My house currently has about 16 steel posts surrounded by concrete. Cost breakdown (i.e. for restumping, fixing the doors/windows after, fixing the cracks on the walls, reconnecting the stairs, reconnecting the gas/plumbing/electrical/phone)
2. Turnaround time- how long will it take?
3. Expectation- any other nasty surprises I might not be aware of?
4. Recommendation- any good restumpers you had experience with?

Any help welcome.
Thanks in advance!

Depends on if you raise it at the same time, put more steel in etc. Can normally be done in a week from go to whoa including raising. Give Andrew at affordable a ring 0412834772. I have used him several times and is very good. Priced well also.

THey will charge so much per stump up to a certain height and then so much per metre of steel, plus a couple of grand to lift it higher and then a couple of grand in each direction if you want to slide it into a different position.

Site makes a difference to some extent, so does height, whether you are in rock etc but unless these are extreme then doesn't vary much.

My guess would be $20-$30 grand if you someone else organises everything. I have had it done for $10k (just the stumping) but then have done lots of the other stuff like demo, rubbish removal, new stairs etc myself