Retaining Plaster Ceiling Roses

Hi all,

I own a 1970s house that I will soon be demolishing and building a new house in its place. I want to know what can be done about a couple of plaster ceiling roses that I would like to retain for use in my new house. One is smaller (600 mm in diameter), the other is larger (1200 x 900 mm). Do you think it would be possible to remove them from the ceiling while keeping them intact? Any other suggestions? Perhaps removing part of the ceiling with them and resetting it into the new ceiling? Has any one heard of this being done before?

I welcome any suggestions

P.S: The big brass chandelier isn't following me to the new house. Anybody want it? :p

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I painted a new house the other day with several large ceiling roses in it so you can definitely buy them new somewhere.

If I was keeping them (Provided they were in good condition) I would just take the chandelier off and cut with a saw a square and take it off that way,it will require some tender leverage in places :rolleyes:
When I last looked at cornices and ceiling roses, I'm sure I saw some like that, or very similar. I'm in Adelaide.

Most places (there were a few) had a wide assortment and were fairly cheap.
Personally I don't like the idea of using secondhand materials in a new house. It would be easier to buy new roses, they are not very expensive. If you really liked the style and couldn't get new replacements I see three options.
1. Cut out plaster square at least 600mm wider than rose diameter. The new square could be attached to ceiling battens and butt joined to other ceiling sheets. This option is a fair bit of work for the plasterer.:(
2. Cut out smaller square and use rose to make a female mould to make a new rose.;)
3. Cut out as for no. 2 and chip away the old plaster sheet with a hammer and cold chisel. You would probably get 90% complete on this option and then crack the rose.:mad:

I think option no. 2 would be the best way to use the existing design, but the cheapest/easiest would be to buy a new rose :)