Reticulation service


Wondering what people would do regarding servicing the reticulation system on a property I have acquired.

  • Property is 850 sqm with a large lawn area
  • Sprinkler system installed by previous vendor guessing during the 1980's based on the look of the controller
  • Approximately 75 pop up sprinklers
  • Sprinkler system works, except for the pop-up sprinklers
  • Majority (90%) of sprinklers are about an inch below the lawn
  • 10-20% of sprinklers are not functioning well, such as pop-up doesn't retract, water sprays out of the shaft rather than the sprinkler head
  • Sprinkler heads are of various types and brands from Rainbird to Bunnings to random old unknown ones. Guessing they have been replaced when damaged
  • Decent size patches of brown dry lawn

I've started to get quotes are coming in around $1600 to replace all the sprinkler heads (6-8 man hours at ~$95/hour with parts costing $12 per sprinkler head for apparently good quality Toro). I've been told that replacing them all should be quicker than just raising existing sprinkler heads.

What's the best course of action?
  1. Leave as is with inefficient use of water and brown lawn
  2. Replace the really bad sprinklers only
  3. Fix bad sprinklers and raise other sprinkler heads
  4. Replace all sprinkler heads with good quality heads
  5. Something else