Retiree seeks line of credit on low LVR acreage property to access reno funds

The South Australian property was a successful business before being relocated and bought by us for private purposes, but now plans have been made to renovate, re-start the business and sell.
All plans drawn up, property is acreage with heavy exposure to traffic/potential customers and a stone's throw from a township zone. The property is positioned not far from shops, vets, ambulance, petrol stations, mechanics, buses, school/tertiary education, etc. and under an hour from the CBD.

We'd like to access the equity in the home to fund the renovation, business start-up and sale.
We are good with renovating, adding value and getting things running, but when it comes to legal matters and finance, we do need good advice from experienced solicitors, brokers/lenders.
Thank you!
Whats the lvr you have on it now? How much funds do you need?

What other assets / debts / incomes do you have?
Hi Dave,

It's around 35% LVR and we need approx $30,000, maybe more if we decide to add some extensions.
Average pension, no significant debts or assets besides car and home contents.