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From: JustAMum B

I manage my own properties, and have just been asked by a friend what do I do about reviews during the tenancy.
So - I told him what I did - organised a time to go round, looked round for any problems, asked them to point out any issues (i e dripping taps, how are the doors/windows, etc). In retrospect all pretty casual and friendly and aimed at giving them a sense of ownership and responsibility, rather than being overseen and thus divulging them of ownership and pride in their home. Also to encourage them to contact me if problems arose.
I did have a property manager handling a couple of my properties, and he would give me a very brief and not very informative tick box report on the state of the property. This is one of the MINOR reasons why they now do not handle my properties.

But this got me to thinking ...
Could I develop a user friendly report that could be of use to the tenant and encourage them to keep the place in the state I would like, but also continue to maintain the sense of ownership as well as responsibility that I try to create in my tenants?
Has anyone done this? Does any one have other things that they do during tenancy reviews? Am I getting the best out of the opportunity of the tenancy reviews?

Looking forward to reading any passing thoughts.

Just A Mum
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From: Sergey Golovin

Hundreds of way to skin the cat, I guess.

1. Give'm monthly report (form) to fill in with 172 questions in it and send to you.

2. Inspect the whole lot (people and property) at least once a week.

3. Give'm your telephone number and tell'm that if they have any problems call you. Also tell'm that if they need anything done within the reasonable cost and time frame it will be done, otherwise they have to wait for bit longer. Maybe you open up bit that section of the agreement and inform what can be done on sport and what has to wait.

Just remember your are Landlord and not their mum, they can wipe up their snots them selves.

I don not know...What do you think?

Serge G.
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From: The Wife


that is real nice if you have 1 or 2 properties, you multiply that by double, or triple digits, and its a no go.

I always maintain, start how you would like to finish, if you want to finish with 100 properties, I would be inclined to go along with justamum's idea of a report type of thing.

Systemize it, make it user friendly, and casual, note how wrong you feel property managers reports are, and create something much better, but systemize it, or your in for lots of hard work.

May I also suggest that you never promise anything, but to be understanding and sensitive. And decide what you will or wont do for your tenants from there.

good luck!

~Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all~
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From: Sergey Golovin


It's fine with me guys. I am flexible.

Anything goes as longer as they happy and paying the rent.

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