Rezone or sub-divide contractor

From: PT Bear

I'm looking to do a rezone/sub-division of a block in one of the southern suburbs of Melbourne. I don't have the experience to do this myself, but I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who would be willing to sub-contract the work.

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From: Sim' Hampel

Wouldn't you use an architect for this kind of work ?

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From: See Change

We did a subdivision and used a surveyor.

Who you would use would depend on how complicated your proposal is and how difficult the council is to deal with.

You can get the subdivision guidelines from the council and this will give you a good idea on how straight forward your proposal is. If it is a simple proposal using a standard surveyor may be all the help you need.

In some areas there are consultants who have a very good understanding of how the local council works, and can be used to guide more complicated proposals through.

We wouldn't use our previous surveyor again. The majority of his work is green fieldd developments and we felt that our job was fairly low down on his priority list. We are planning a dual occ / subdivision which is a step up in complexity on our previous subdivision. We found the consultant ( ex senior manager in ku-ring-gai council ) we will use for this by asking for recommendations from local real estate agents.

see change

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From: Robert Forward

I think another good place to start enquiring about rezoning and subdividing is by calling the council directly and talking with the correct department about the proposed subdivisions.

Hit them up with questions about what sort of properties can be subdivided, ie: what is the minimum required land space, minimum street frontage, any caveats, any easements, height of buildings, what are the requirements to rezone into a higher density property etc etc...

I have just been through this in the last 2 days with the Brisbane city council who were excellent in their following up and talking about the land. They even gave away information that could prove even more beneficial to me without my prompting.


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From: Liam McGrath

Try and get hold of your suburbs Locality Statement (available at the council), it discusses the councils future desired feel for that particular area and lists everything particularly minimum required land space that Robert has pointed out. Generally if your DA doesn't comply with these 'guidelines' it will be rejected.

I was wondering if anyone has managed to go against these locality statements specifically in the area of minimum land size for new dwellings and has been successful. The property I wish to subdivide is in the Warringah Shire, which is in Sydney. Unfortunately they just recently took out the top award as the most difficult council to deal with in Sydney.

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From: Simon St John

Search the forum for Michael Yardney at Metropole. He specialises in Melbourne.

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From: Michael Yardney

Thanks for the plug Simon
Yes, that the sort of thing we do all the time. We currently have 15 projects for clients all over Melbourne going through various stages of town planning to get development approval for multiple dwellings or subdivision.
Unfortunately it’s a real maze because there are so many authorities involved. Starting with the State government and Rescode, then the local council then various authorities like Melbourne water and Vic Roads.
You need lots of knowledge and patience, but it’s worth it because once you have a permit, your land is worth lots more. It's the best way I know of adding value.
If Pt Bear wants to know a little more please contact me

Michael Yardney
Metropole Properties
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From: .watto .

Hi Michael,

Do you have a handle on the Nth Melbourne area?

Melb Freestyler
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From: Choon NG

Just went through the whole process, and reading your post, I am assuming that you are looking for "contacts". I have just completed a similar process myself (council approval in middle eastern suburb in Melbourne), and can give some ideas of what I have learned.

Over the processes (more then 18 months), I learned that you will be better getting a local architect, town planner or draft person to do your job. Refer to your local paper, the yellow pages, real estate agents or even driving around the area looking at recent development. While cost is one aspect, knowing your end objectives (built to own, flip etc), limitation of personal time etc are also just as important.

Overall, I find that a person with lots of experiences with the same council will certainly help you. Talk to a lot of people and know what you WANT. If you want to use an architect (expensive but again depends on your end objective), I can provide you my contact.

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