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From: Sergey Golovin


Here are same names from BRW (Business Review Weekly) – 200 richest families in Australia, I have mentioned earlier.

First 10 individuals –

Kerry Parker - $6.2 billion (media, gaming, investment). Sydney
Frank Lowy - $3.5 billion (property, retail – shopping centers). Sydney
Richard Pratt - $3.3 billion (manufacturing (paper, packaging), investment). Melbourne
David Hains and Family – $1.6 billion (investment). Melbourne
Bob Oatley and Family – $1.6 billion. Rural (wine). Denman NSW.
Gerry Harvey - $1.3 billion. Retail (homewares, computers), property. Sydney.
John Gandel - $1.2 billion. Retail (shopping centers), retirement villages. Melbourne.
Garry Triguboff - $1.2 billion. Property. Sydney.
Len Ainsworth - $1 billion. Manufacturing (gaming machines). Sydney.
Kerry Stokes - $875 million. Media, industrial equipment (Caterpillar dealership). Perth.
Last one on list – Katie Page. $80 million. Retail (homewares, computers), property. Sydney.

Families –

The Smorgon family - $1.7 billion. Manufacturing, investment. Melbourne.
The Liberman family - $1.3 billion. Manufacturing, oil, investment. Melbourne.
The Myer family - $ 690 million. Retail, investment. Melbourne.
The Tieck family - $ 680 mil. Property, investment. Sydney.
The Saunders family - $ 430 mil. Property, investment. Syney.
The Michell family - $405 mil. Rural (wool, leather). Adelaide.
The Darling family - $400 mil. Investment, resources. Sydney.
The Hannan family - $380 mil. Media, printing, property. Sydney.
The Anderson family - $352 mil. Manufucturing (household hardware, plumbing fittings, furniture), trucking, property. Brisbane.
The Paspaley family - $340 mil. Pearling, property, investment. Darwin, Sydney.
Last on list no.32 – Tyrrel family - $96 mil. Rural (wine). Hunter Valley, NSW. Heathcote, Victoria.

As you can see few with property portfolios out there. So, we still have hope. I hope.

Serge G.
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From: Paul Zagoridis

>Garry Triguboff - $1.2
>billion. Property. Sydney.

Actually it's Harry Triguboff and he owns Meriton.

The must be something to his wealth creation strategies.


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From: Sergey Golovin

Yes, you right Paul.

His name is Harry.
Sorry - misprint.
Was interview with him on TV recently, cannot remember which channel it was – I do not stay for too long on same channel (half of programs are simply too boring).
And he says - I made all my money by building bit better then other guy down on street...

Serge G.
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From: Samuel Riley

The program was Managing Australia which is on CNBC available on foxtel and Austar.
It also has other great programs but much of the are related to The equity markets such as Shares, currency, commodities etc etc

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From: Sergey Golovin

Is it on cable?

Serge G.
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