Rich Dad book

Not on property, but there's an interesting concept in the latest Kiyosaki book, due out this month.

"Rich Dad's Prophecy" is predicting the biggest share market crash in history- as millions of baby boomers retire, taking their superannuation savings with them.

Of course, with advice on how to profit from this.
But what if it never happens?? Has RK put is neck out too far this time, risking his total credibility?? One would hope he has also put an escape clause in to cover his posterier.
This concept of a sharemarket crash caused by Baby Boomers retiring has been raised by many as if they are all about to retire together and pull all their money out at once. Remember that this is only the beginning of the Baby Boomer retirement phase and the last of them was born in 1961, so we have some way to go before they have all retired. Some will cash in their shares at one time, others will slowly cash up, some will die and their assets will be redistributed, while others will continue to invest. Think about it, the theory could also be used to say eventually there will be the mother of crashes in the property market too, shares are not the only asset held by the Baby Boomers and don't forget managed funds are share investments and your super generally also holds shares. Money doesn't just disappear, it moves around from one holder of it to another, as do shares and property. Yes there is a demographic bulge moving through the different life-cycle stages and some adjustments will need to be accounted for but it doesn't mean disaster, just an opportunity to be taken advantage of by those with foresight.