Hi to all,

Has anyone heard of the above company? Directors are David Hows and Phil Jones. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Jude,

I have been following their "progress" for about 12 months.
They are kiwis and have done well in NZ.
they are now expanding into OZ.
Essentially richmastery sources properties below reg val for a fee of 5k. Mostly they appear to be on the level.
I went to their $50 seminar last week (but left early)... yawn.....
If you are a new investor I would suggest worthwhile, if you have been around the traps don't bother, nothing new.
Naturally expect the hard sell for a full on seminar.
Their nz site is http//

Anything else, just yell


I could be wrong, but for those who were following the Property Buyers Network thingy, I believe it was this company who were buying out PBN and pulled the plug at the 11th hour.
Hi Joanna,

Think you are right, but havent heard much of them lately. On the same (sort of) topic, has anyone heard from Mark Pardi and the guy and gals from PBN? I know there were some people on the old forum who mentioned they had friends as clients of PBN, and would keep us apprised of the situation. Any news yet???