RN discussion on Rental situation Thurs 15th Oct 9:30

Radio National Life Matters program had a short discussion on the rental market this morning at 9:30 Thurs 15th Oct (not sure when the broadcast will be put up on the net.)


They had an advocate from the VIC tenants union as well as NSW tenants union as guests and several callers. All fairness to the union reps they had fairly balanced opinions on the state of the market.

In all 3 landlords rang up 2 complained about feral tenants (one vowed never to own RIP's again) The third complained about self serving PM's who had knocked back long term tenant applicants in favour of those looking for short leases in order to milk listing fees.

2 would be tenants rang up complaining about the inability to secure tenancy due to lack of prior tenancy history.

1 NGO advocate rang up about the bad discriminatory culture of the PM industry.

All in all it was a good 15 min of discussion on the rental market and a fair bit of PM bashing.