Roadside food selling

Is anyone aware of what is required in terms of Brisbane city council and govt regulations generally to sell food from a van by the roadside or some temporary location, eg beach foreshore. (for example, sandwiches, drink , Chinese food )
Is there some health restriction about cooking food at home then selling to the public

The aim would most likely be to sell food( eg lunches ) in an industrial area and elsewhere, perhaps setting up a shop at a later date.
A friend whose English skills are limited has asked me for some initial help and direction.
why not just ring the council (you don't have to give name or details) and ask? also, can you please change you font back to 12 so that you're not shouting at everyone ... thanks
as far as I know you will need access to a commercial kitchen. But start with the council as it will have to go through them anyway.
Every council has different requirements. You'll need to contact each one individually. Also you may need to get permits from each one.

Check their websites first though - this will often contain the required information.

Contact council by phone, I recommend with that font not to send them an email, might start off on the wrong foot