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From: Kylie S

I was watching Foxtel the other day and saw an ad for a presentation by Robert Kiyosaki on Pay per View. It is sheduled for July sometime.
If anyone is interested I can provide an update when I hear more about what it is and when its on. From memory it was going to be on at 10am on the 20 something th of July.:)

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From: Robert Longmore

im pretty sure there will not be anything we havn't already read in his books.
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From: Rasputin .

On 5/20/01 7:52:00 PM, Robert Longmore wrote:
>im pretty sure there will not
>be anything we havn't already
>read in his books.

Next Book Titled, " Pay per view - Another way of ripping of the masses"
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From: The Wife

Are you saying Kiyosaki is ripping of the masses???

Are you suggesting people are being tricked into buying his products?

~Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all~
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From: Rasputin .

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From: The Wife

Well I guess I should have expected that from you Rasputin,

you want someone to tell you how to get out of your rut, and you want them to tell you how for free.

Kiyosaki's books, are average recommended retail prices in the book shops, his tape sets are average prices compared to everyone elses tape sets, his seminars are pretty darn cheap compared to everyone elses,

his board game was $350 when I brought it,pretty expensive, but it has done some great stuff for me, but thats because I have foresight, can think laterally, and am able to think outside my purse. It opened some fantastic networking doors for me.

But let me guess, you wont do any networking unless its free , right rasputin?

The old adage , "you gotta spend a bit to make a bit" is very true.

Kiyosaki has a brilliant marketing team, they just keep churning out the stuff, and most of it is just rehashed from the first book, I read book 1, got half way thru book 2, decided its all the same stuff, i asked some other people on here who have read all the books, and decided i wouldnt buy anymore, its all very similar, i GOT the message from Kiyosaki already, i dont need to keep reading everything.

But thats just it Ras, I have the freewill to say, no thanks, no more, so does everyone else, so who is getting ripped off? Only those who WANT to get ripped off, those that are living with analysis paralysis, they just have to read EVERYTHING, well its their freewill to choose to buy his stuff, he isnt twisting any arms.

Has he 'ripped' you off Rasputin? How much of his stuff do you own?

Now I'm curious if your theory of "ripped off" works the other way,

Ras, If you happened to come across a house for sale, and the little old lady vendor wants $100K, and you offer here $50K, she accepts, are you ripping her off? Or are you getting a bargain?

She CAN so no, she doesnt HAVE to accept.

Kiyosaki fans CAN so no, they dont HAVE to buy it.

Kiyosaki is just running a business, if anybody thinks he is some kind of samaritan who is going to give them the secret keys to wealth for free, they better get of the mushrooms, and get back to reality.

Could Kiyosaki give you the secrets for a lot cheaper? HELL YEAH!...but why should he?, if you have great self esteem and belief in yourself, you can ask your own price, you can say " I am worth THIS much" people can only say no.

When negotiating price on a house, and if you have good self esteem, and belief in your self, you can say " I want it for this much!" People can only say no.

Kiyosaki is making a fortune from his stuff, there are a lot of people who are saying YES!

I make a lot of money when I buy houses, because a lot of people say YES.

Do I have good self esteem? You betcha baby!

~Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all~
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From: Dave :)

Hey TW..

You strike me as the kind of person who'd have good forsight, great
lateral thinking and even better "you betcha baby" self-esteem the more
mushrooms you have.


....great advice, TW...loved the post.


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From: Marina. L

In my opinion it is wise to spend money on educating oneself in the art of property investment.
I feel to a certain degree that could be the difference between the gunnas and the doers.

In my own personal case, I love buying investment books and attending seminars. I always, always learn something new and that is one of the key reasons why we have been able to accumulate an extensive property portfolio in the last 17 months and we are not about to stop.

We are having the time of our lives and knowing we are in control and doing something for our future is the best feeling anyone could ever have.

Hubby and I are both on average wages and I feel so proud of what we have accomplished in a short period of time.

Would you believe all it took was some books and a couple of $1000 seminars.

I can honestly say that if we did not spend the money on our education , we would not be in the position we are now.

Property is a serious business, it is definitely not childs play and that is why I stress learn, learn, learn and unfortunatley what you need to learn is not for free.

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From: Apprentice Millionaire

Benjamin Franklin said: "Empty the coins in your purse into your mind and your mind will fill your purse with coins."

Another saying I heard was: "If you're not learning, you're dying". I consider learning as an investment: and I have to invest to get returns.

Another point I picked up from The Wife's excellent post is the networking: some readers of this forum know my quest for a mentor. It is through networking that I will learn heaps, and I am already indebted to people on this forum for their help (and I won't mention their names because it will be said that I hold them as idols :)

Apprentice Millionaire
(aka Jacques)
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From: Firefrog .

Rasputin, the mind works better when it's open. RK is exactly what I think you're trying to become, successful. Don't knock other peoples success learn from it.
It has been said that Aussies are experts at the good old tall poppy syndrome. I agree with TW, RK has built a very good business, he sells knowledge, hope you are willing to buy some.

The Frog


You can achieve far more than you allow yourself to believe. - David Pollitt
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From: Robert Longmore

I dont mind Mr Kiyosaki and his books, even went 1/2 in the boardgame. pretty good i think. but that is as much as i will spend on him. Unfortunatly now there are people popping up everywhere telling you how to retire in 5 yrs with 50 squillion dollars in the bank, "All without using Your own Money" the only noticeable differenc is Mr Kiyosaki doesnt pretend it will happen overnight. he pretty much tell it how it is, Long term, plenty of waiting and risk involved, which is true. But Unfortunatly his methods are the same as the rest of the "wealth gurus" out there, cheap initial seminar, dont give too much info, then a second more expensive seminar, a little more info and so on and so on.
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From: Francoise B

This reply is a little late, but I have only just read this post. Interesting to note that ole "Ras" hasn't replied yet to the post from TW about his criticism of RK.

Yes, I am certainly a fan of RK and can just about credit him as the reason why I have changed my life. Fantastic return for an investment of about $400. I wonder what made Ras change his/her life....if he has.

PS: And thanks to Kylie for sharing the info that started off this post.
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