rochedale south or stafford qld

Hi All,

what are people thoughts on long term buy and hold for rochedale south or stafford?

from my limited research, rochedale is further out, but takes same time via bus or even car to city? looking at google maps and translink website?

i had one day to do open homes in rochedale south only. gave a very good feel. i know its logan council, but right next to all BCC suburbs..

i thought advantage might be to add an auxiliary unit in future?

i can buy for either 450k or max 500k.

in rochedale south, get fairly good house and i think has potential.

i have noticed all homes are being sold in 1-2 open for inspection now..

i dont know much, more closer, can get older home. i think location is better...
which will give long term CG and tenants???


Hi somer_hut,

I don't know much about Stafford. I was also looking at properties in the Rochedale South area and was talking to a property manager yesterday. She said that since Springwood is having some busway upgrades, new busway from Rochedale, demand is very high for rentals followed by capital growth. She said it takes about 2 weeks in general to get a good tenant in.

I believe with CG in that area.
If you take a look at the growth in Stafford you will see it has had significant increases in recent years, and is well above its previous peak. My thoughts would be it has already experienced it's growth for the short term. For the long term, it will obviously go up, but who know how long that will be. Are you prepared to hold it if it's going to be flat for a while?
It's also a high demand market, which I personally stay away from.
I am also interested in any opinions on Stafford and surrounding areas. Location wise, it ticks the boxes for me but I do share Azazel's view I may have missed the boat on this one. Also, there were some housing commission areas but not sure if they have all moved on. Does anyone know?
I have sold houses in both locations (well Stafford Heights) and I feel that Stafford is a great area for growth and I certainly had more interest in the property that I had listed there than Rochedale South. In saying that the Rochedale South property was on a main road so that may have skewed the attendance.

There are some great schools around Rochedale South and if you are to buy a new house in Rochedale in the recent subdivisions than you are looking at mid 4's for a block of land before you even look at building, where as you can still pick up a really well presented cavity brick house in Rochedale South for early 5's which should represent good value compared to a new build around the corner in the new estates.

Both suburbs have their positives and negatives but are hard to directly compare, even the styles of houses are remarkably different.

Hope this helps.....