Rolf Getting Married!!!!!!!!!?

Is it true, rolf getting married ...or is it a vicious rumour spread by one of the thousands of woman who have been chasing him for many many years!
Or has rolf finally lost it and really is taking the leap!

warmest congrats gabbi and rolf

I'd like to add my congratulations to Ross'

~~Congrats Rolf and Gabbi~~!!!

Photos will be posted in Coffee Lounge after the Big Day, yes?


asy :D
Rolf has finally seen the light, we will be really surprised when you finally announce your big day!!

But I'll add my congrats and best wishes......

Rolf and Gabbi - may you always have a life full of love, happiness and joy :)

....indeed.......Congratulations Rolf!

Now Sim, how will you be able to hook up some sort of live Internet feed of the occasion to the Forum?

All the best.

Would it be valid if they got married on the chat???


We have a resident pastor, perhaps we should try...

Great Idea Alan!!

Asy :D
Well, I'd like to also extend my congratulations to Rolf & wish him all the very best...

Enjoy your last days of freedom ;)


I suspect they're doing it just to get a better loan package for the next property.

Congratulations Rolf & Gabbi
Congrats Rolf!

Certainly a journey that I recommend. Helps you not to forget what's important in life.

So now are you going to network a couple of computers so Gabbi can get online at the same time with you too?


G'Day All

an earlier post of Alan H suggested that there might be a live internet feed of the wedding ceremony........I was wondering if this would include extended coverage of the wedding night?

Maybe as an add on, chargeable "pay per view" type event.....

just an idea........

Congratulations to both......

Hiya Jakk,

Ahhhhhhh................that really wasn't my intention that we turn into, but I must admit your idea does show 'imagination' and hence maybe would be better posted in the 'Innovative Techniques' Section? :)

My main concern after noticing the current Forum Membership number of 473, was the incredible expense Rolf would be up for after he invited the ENTIRE Forum to an EXTREMELY(let me stress that again.....EXTREMELY).... lavish feast(which I have no doubt he intended doing....). Hmmm.......I check my mailbox daily.......maybe it has been lost?

However, after speaking to someone who has recently returned from Monaco, my fears have subsided. They spotted a large ocean going cruiser there called 'Asapfinancial'. Need I say more? A coincidence? I think not!

Yes....obviously the truth is this 'Mortgage Broking' thing is merely a little 'time filler' that Rolf indulges in to idle away those spare hours while his cruiser is being refuelled or the helicopter rotor is being replaced(don't you hate it when your private helicopter is delayed like this?).

So rest assured, even after the entire Forum feasts upon an extremely expensive meal(no cask wine!), the Latham millions should still be in fairly good shape.

Drink up!

No Yuch I don't think we'll be able to attend the same venue as Rolf and his missus.

But that won't matter cause we all know that Rolf will be saying his vows via the chatroom anyway. So we can all load into there to get the teary eyed effect.

A chatroom wedding...

Rev> Do u, rl, take gb to be your mrs, 4 richer & poorer, etc etc, till your net connxn breaks?

Rev>Do you promise not 2 eavesdrop on ur partners whispers? Do you promis not to log Mrs_rolf_asleep? Do you promise to maintain a permanent connection until ur isp does you part?

Rolf> yeah

Rev> Gb, do you promis to do all the same bits?

<Rev quits…ping reset>

<rev logs on>

Rolf> wb rev

Rev> sorry, rebuilding drive

GeoffW> (hehe)

Ruby> wb Rev

GB> wb rev

(15 minutes of guests saying “wb” cut out of log)

priest> thanx… can I have a digital signature? location location is about to start.

(rolf & gabi email digitail signatures to rev)