Roof Inspections (Water Damage) Brisbane

From: Jenny F

Can anyone recommend a roof or building inspector in Brisbane? I just did an owners inspection of an IP in Brisbane (I am in Canberra) and noted a little bit of a water stain on a cornice in one room and evidence of a small drip from between a cornice and wall in an adjacent room. I want to get someone to inspect the roofspace to assess (and possibly also repair) both where the leak may be coming from and also whatever damage may have been done.

The house is only 7.5 years old and has tiled roof - I assume during a storm sometime some water got in - so I don't know if the leak source was temporary (eg a tile lifting in very strong winds) or something that is still there (eg cracked or badly fitted tile, or damaged pointing for example).

Can anyone recommend someone who would be able to assess this reliably (and possibly also do any repairs necessary). House is in Forest Lake which is in south west of Brisbane.

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