Roof top garden

Just wondering if anyone has ever built a roof top garden on top of their ip. If so, what sort of things would you be aware of next time, or would you do it again? Was it difficult to obtain council approval.
Hi July,

I haven't done that myself, but seen many new developments in Williamstown building gardens on top of their garages (due to a lack of outdoor living areas downstairs, as some of the blocks are tiny)... not sure about any pitfalls, but I would assume the foundations would need to be re-inforced & also the rooftop would probably have to be made of concrete (ie. slab like) with plenty of re-enforcement to hold the weight...


Roof top gardens need to be well planned and consider the following

being trafficable it needs to be able to withstand the day to day events including the BBQ being rolled over it chairs pot plants etc

There will need to be sufficient fall to allow proper drainage of the entire area, plus an allowance for overflow EG rainheads

You would almost want weather protection to take full advantage of the space most of the year. Sails would be good for summer , but a more substantial structure would allow all year round entertaining

If adding to an existing property check the allowable height and any restrictions

BCA (Building Code of Australia) Compliance would need to be met with regard to handrailing, and the structure in general. A building permit would need to be issued

My first point of call would be to the Council and discuss the issues described above together with the Town Planning requirements

Regards Fredo
July, The first thing that springs to mind would be commercial quality waterproofing to avoid any exspensive problems in the future

cheers steve
As you are in Melbourne you will need to take into account the Rescode requirements relating to setbacks, overlooking and overshadowing. You will need a building permit and depending on your situation a Town Planning permit and also an Engineer involved as the existing structure you wish to build on top of may or may not provide the required support for the new loads. You may find that the slab or footings cannot carry the load as it was never designed with this in mind originally so new supports may need to be constructed. As mentioned above there are issues regarding surfaces, waterproofing, drainage, wind loadings and access to consider.