Rooty Hill, NSW


I am evaluating Rooty Hill off-the-plan property at the moment. It seems affordable at this stage with good rental yield. It is very close to M4/M7 and has its own train station (although slow station). It is close to the market and area has good schools and hospital. It is 3 BR villa for 380K.

I was told by my friend that Mt. Druitt (which is a neighbouring suburb to it) is not considered safe, and that is one of the suburbs where you don't want to raise your family. When I visited there, I did not feel that way but wanted to double confirm that. As it would certainly impact Rooty Hill property negatively.

So does that make Rooty Hill image tarnish? Would it still be a good investment. Or anything that I heard about Mt. Druitt is nothing but rumours, and I should simply ignore the comment.

Also, to what extent does builder's offer discount/rebate, if any, on their listed property?

Looking forward to hear from you all. Thanks in advance.


I been researching the Mt Druitt area for the last 2 month...
and yes it's true Mt Druitt isn't the safest area but this is my thinking ( happy to be proven wrong );

1. Your not living there
2. The ppl who LIVES area that area will still rent- there's a reason why they are renting in MT Druitt and it arnt because it's safe- They grew up in that area? Frds/family? cheap rent for a large house? Department of housing? school? etc....

But Having said that; chances your property getting trashed are high"er" VS any areas

Thanks Michael for your prompt response.

Ok understand that it is good for renting. But eventually when I have to sell (5-6 years later), wouldn't it have the issue for buyer. Also, this will impact the rental market anyway. As in the end, it boils down to the demand/supply which is driven by livability and affordability.

Also, can we say the same thing for Rooty Hill? As such, the property is in there (not in Mt. Druitt). Would the proximity a limiting factor?

Thanks once again.

Looking at Rooty hill- you most likely not going to get any fantastic capital growth; but when you look out west it's not about growth its more about +VE rental yield + the capital growth would be just a welcome and nice bonus.

You probably wont have a huge problem selling as long as you sell within the market price- as it's a investors driven area ( 15% renting + another 10% are DOH) , so most of the buyers are "number" driven , just like me and you :)
View attachment Growth Chart - 6 areas.pdf

View attachment Suburb_Flyover_ROOTY_HILL.pdf
The 15% renting is actually consider a good % for potential capital growth; however the 10% DOH is a big no no historically speaking :(

I have attached 2 graph/report for your benefit
1. Rooty hill's Sububr report
2. Comparison of 5 area close by of Rooty Hill, Mount Druit, Blacktown, Parra

It doesn't suit my personal investment strategy- so i actually end up buying somewhere else and something totally different.:)

But, speaking to some of my clients last month..based on their needs, goals and risk portfolio i have recommended them to buy close to this area.

So it depends on what your looking for + overall goal/financial are.

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