I'm finally cured of this horrid redness on my face.

After 20 yrs of going to corrupt doctors i have finally found a cure.
I guess i had to be patient, a bit like property investing.

I now know what it is like to have something back after it has been ripped from you.
i just wanted to tell the world.

This is what worked for me

Flaxceed oil (capsules)
Zinc 1000mg " "
Vitamin C 1000mg " "
tea tree oil on the face (but this can be harmful to your face) trial a very small amount

zinc cream (clear) when out in the sun, the zinc calms the skin

Alcohol -i cut back
Hot spicy food

I hope this helps
Thanks Zaligirl

I will give it a go. How long did it take for yours to disappear? Does it still come back?

Only this week I have been able to find some makeup that does a reasonable job at covering and doesn't separate - mineral powder.

Over the years I have had so many doctors and beauticians tell me it can be "fixed". Yeah right! :eek:

Thank you for sharing.

I thought Zaligirl was going to say "...find out how at my new seminar!!! Only $2000!!!" :D


The Y-man

You mean Zaligirl announces new '"Wonderwash" for 3 monthy installments of $39.95 and if you buy now you get a second bottle free' :D.

And... inc. in the price is a set of 6 sea sponges :rolleyes:.