Rostrevor (S.A.) .. Why the big price jump?

Apparently, Rostrevor is showing a significant price jump for units over the past 12 months. I'm told the increase is around 50% (yeah, I know .. that's RPData percentages, which is a bit like the Microsoft minutes it takes to copy files), but it still shows there has been some action in that area.
Anyone got any thoughts on that?
Isn't there a upper class retirement village being based up there focusing on units. Perhaps this has brought a bit more attention to the area and people have settled for units a little cheaper in range outside the development, forcing upward market activity?

I'm going out on a limb here.
Rob, it's the quantity of sales. Only 4 units this YTD with 2 of those having a floor area of >100m2. The highest price one at about $400k shouldn't be called a unit anyway. It's a 3x2x2 so should be a house.

Last YTD there 8 sales with not one of those being over $300k.

As you know, median figures on a small sample can be dodgy but a median on a sample size of 4 will be of no use at all.

If the place at massive place at Lynton sells shortly I can hardly wait to see the median increase for Lynton be released.... :D (14 storage sheds sound good to me).