RP Data and Ubuntu 9.10

Hi all,

I recently installed Ubuntu 9.10 (32 bit) on my laptop (which includes firefox 3.5.3), but now when i access RP Data, I am unable to see anything on the "RP Data Map" - which includes details on neighbouring homes.

I can select the RP Data Map option, up comes the normal window for it, but i just get a whitescreen on that pop-up. No errors are reported on the page and the bottom left cnr reports that the page is done. I also have Adblock insalled as part of Firefox and I have disabled that but still nothing appears on that popup. I allow popups to appear.

The other popups on RP Data work - ie "ms live map" and "google map". it's just the "RP Data Map" which doesn't work - and this is the one i use.

I also have a 64 bit 9.04 ubuntu desktop and it works fine there. I also have a virtual Windows XP machine on that 64 bit box and it works fine there. It just doesn't work on my laptop which is 32 bit ubuntu 9.10.

Flash and Java are all working on the laptop and everything else is working too.

Any ideas? this is very frustrating for me as when i am travelling i am taking the laptop with me and i use this screen a lot.


I'll wait for Rob to stick his head in...

It works on 64 bit 9.04 (which is my desktop) but not 9.10 (which is my laptop). It's just not very practical to carry my desktop around with me though - and i don't want to downgrade my laptop to 9.04 (as everything else is working perfectly).


This is what I'd do:

1) find out what the extension the popup generates (html, flash, jpeg, png, etc, etc)
2) Find out if a missing plugin for this extension is required.
3) if all look good, google "ubuntu 9.10 <your extension> error"
4) If still you find nothing, go to an ubuntu forum (http://ubuntuforums.org/ ??), use the search functionality.
5) if still you can't find anything, post a question !

good luck
Most rp map issues are to do with java settings... I don't know anything about ubuntu, but my first bet would be java. You may have to do a manual install of a different version.

Actually check the java versions on your other machine and try that...

Even though java works for other programs there is some issue with rp that plays up on certain configurations