RP Data Subscription Sharing For NSW

Hi Somersoftians,

I'm looking to organise (or join, if one already exists) a RP Data subscription sharing group for investors interested in NSW properties.

You can have access to house sales in NSW, including full address, land size, sale price, Comparative Market Analysis etc.

I'm looking for about 4 or 5 people to share the cost of a yearly subscription with me. You will receive your own personal login, usable from any computer.

I believe up to 5 people (need to confirm this number with the rep) can be logged on at any one time. This should not be an issue if the group is around 4-6 people.

The cost will be around $5-10/week per person depending on how many people join the group.

I've searched the forums and there is a thread for VIC (http://www.somersoft.com/forums/showthread.php?p=605902) and QLD (http://www.somersoft.com/forums/showthread.php?p=614754).....

But there doesn't seem to be a group for NSW investors yet. I am happy to organise it, please PM me or post on the thread if you are interested.
I imagine the mininum period that RP Data specifies is either 6 months or 12 months.

Ideally you would be interested in joining up for the whole of the subscription time.

I am open to hearing anybody's thoughts. I've received a PM about an existing group that I could join, if that doesn't go ahead then I will most likely be setting one up.
Hi tess85

i am interested for the 12 months.................i have just started a thread asking for a joint membership however for PDSlive.........and than i found yours.

what do you think of PDSlive

ok PM for any more details

I haven't used PDS live. A few months back I remember reading (from off the forums) that RP data is more reliable than PDS live... don't know what the current state of PDS live is.
Hi tess85, I'm interested in sharing the subscription with you. Please pm me with the details when you're ready.
Tess I've used PDS Live believe its is a superior service.

I know some one who is looking out for others to go into his pds live group that has access to nsw & all of qld for $350 (from memory) for 12 months.
PM me and I will pass on his contact details if you're interested.
Hi Tess - Im interested too.

If u'd like - send me a msg and I can fwd u some info re: rpdata subscription. I looked into it a few mnths back but didnt get anywhere
Hi all,

I've PM'd everyone..... if you are interested then please reply. No time wasters, please!

A lady has been kind enough to let us join her RP data group. Due to an overwhelming number of responses, I don't think we will ALL be able to join (as only 5 people can be logged on at any time - she is happy to accept a couple of people, but not more!)

It looks like we will still need to set up a 2nd RP data group for NSW to make everyone happy. If the demand is there, I may think about setting this one up (unless anyone else would like to volunteer)? Otherwise I will probably just join the existing group, as it's easier for me and I don't have to bear the risk of defaulting members of the co-sharing group.

Unfortunately the NSW group is now full, Lawton. Sorry (and to everyone else) who wanted to join.

I've PM'd you to tell you where you might be able to find some other groups. Good luck.
PDS superior to RPData

Hi all

Have just seen this thread and, after being a longtime user of RPData, have recently joined PDSLive which, like Rixter, I believe is a much superior service. It's much cheaper (approx 1/3 of the cost of RPData) has a more modern layout and is very user friendly. Maps easier to navigate, information displayed in a better format (easier on the eye) and the best thing about it is you have access to the whole of NSW rather than being restricted to a section of the state or a certain number of LGA's in RPData.

The other obvious standout for me is the customer service. With RPData if I wanted to change over LGA's, despite promises several times from different staff, it would often take a no. of days (I'm currently waiting and have been waiting for over 2 weeks for a simple request at the moment to do this!) and calls were often not returned. With PDS, the lady I've been dealing with (Leisha Underhill) has been very prompt, helpful and professional so I'm very happy with this database. The Pricefinder Estimator is also a terrific tool for a quick overview of values and the rental lists are a useful source of information for current rents as well. Like RPData, there are gaps and inconsistencies in some data however this is standard in all of the databases that I've checked out in the past (including realestateview, Red Square, APM) and certainly isn't confined to one of them. At this stage, however, I'd definitely rate PDS as superior.

Check it out at www.pdslive.com.au
NSW RP Data/PDS Live Sharing

Hi all,

I'm interested in joining a group to share subscription. If there is any groups that would be interested please let me know or if anyone knows of any options please pm me with the details when you're ready. Thanks Shane:D
Unfortunately the NSW group is now full, Lawton. Sorry (and to everyone else) who wanted to join.

I've PM'd you to tell you where you might be able to find some other groups. Good luck.

Im looking for a group to share RPData Keys also. Don't mind sharing 1 key with someone as I won't be on it everyday. I did this once before with someone and it worked well. If someone can direct me to others wanting to do the same that would be wonderful.