RP Data

Have been toying with the idea of possibly paying to get sales info from RP Data (together with some friends). Does anyone here subscribe (for nsw) and, if so, how much does it cost and what exactly do you get for your money?
I know that real estate agents use it a lot for their figures, but I am curious to see if any investors out there actually benefit from it?

I think you will find that you have to be a licensed agent to get RPData.

Not saying don't try, go for it, but that's what they told me when I applied.

I did have it for a while, but don't at the moment.

asy :D
Hi Jacque,

When you subscribe to RP Data you have to spend a minimum monthly rental, which is calculated by the number of council areas you subscribe to, eg Rockdale council is $30 per week (or something like that).

They have a different service which is a fax service that you can join (I think, but I'm not positive, that you do need to be in some sort of property related business). You simply fax through the report you want on the area that you want and they fax you back the results. It will cost you $8.80 per page.

The reports can be a sales history report or an ownership report on an individual property, a single street, a single suburb or a 1klm search from a nominated street. You can also filter the date range of the report.