RULES for Caveat Emptor users

Welcome to the Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) Forum. Please familiarise yourself with the following before using this forum.


1. The purpose of this forum is to investigate and discuss property related deals that you may have on offer, or that you may have come across.

2. There is NO cost to post deals on this forum. No endorsement by Somersoft or the people who run this forum should be inferred - even implicitly - of any deals posted here .

3. Keep in mind that the reason for this forum's existence is EDUCATION, and not merely a bulletin board of properties for sale. Understand, by posting here, your post will likely be questioned by all and sundry, and you will be called upon to substantiate, in detail, why your deal is worthy of consideration as a good deal. So, when posting, tell us up front, and in detail, WHY this is a good deal (also refer Rule 6)

4. Deals must be property related - but this could expand across a number of arenas - e.g. residential, commercial, joint ventures, etc.

5. If your deal is likely to be interpreted as SPAM, don't waste your time posting it. e.g. "Make 20% on your money in property - email [email protected] for more information" or similar "come-on's" will be deleted forthwith. Refer Rule 3.

6. Ensure your post has sufficient information to justify why a property investor should consider it. Comparative information, extensive demographic detail, financial details, etc. are a MINIMUM if you want your post to be taken seriously.

Remember this is a forum for property investors, not a Saturday newspaper ad. As such, be prepared to answer a lot of "due diligence" questions (e.g. what is your fee structure or commission, what licence do you hold that allows you to offer this deal, etc.)

7. If you don't want to have your deal ANALYSED, DISSECTED, and DISCUSSED extensively, then DON'T post it.

8. We reserve the right to delete your post at any time, for any reason. This includes a time limit on all posts so that "old" deals do not remain on the forum.

9. NEW RULE - to help prevent the problems we've had with one-post spammers, you must be a regular contributor to the forum before you will be allowed to post deals for discussion in caveat emptor. Currently this means having been registered for at least 28 days and have made at least 25 posts (Coffee Lounge doesn't count !).


1. No endorsement by Somersoft or the people who run this forum should be inferred - even implicitly - of any deals posted here. (In plain English, YOU decide if you want to take up one of the posted deals - Somersoft do not guarantee any of them).

2. Please give posters the usual consideration - no offensive language, or "flaming" will be tolerated.

3. Keep on track - we are discussing a deal here, not discussing any generic aspect of the deal (e.g. if it is negatively geared, this is NOT the place to discuss the relative merits of gearing - take it to the PI Forum, or Coffee Lounge).

4. If you have concerns about a posting, and wish to bring it to my attention, use the "Page the Moderator" function.

Caveat Emptor Moderator
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