Runaway Bay QLD

I have a friend who purchased in Runaway Bay (Qld) around 5 years ago. It was a new 3 br townhouse. She bought it for approximately $415k and is now worth probably around $450k max. :(

For memory she had it rented when she purchased for around $340 pw and is now at $395 which apparently is the market rate.

She has asked for some advice as to whether she should to sell or hold on. I will be doing a little bit of research, but thought I would ask the brains trust here to see if people had some knowledge, thoughts or other experiences about the area.
Never sell anything!! that's only my opinion anyway.... the gold coast is still growing and runaway bay is a great location. I would not sell but if she has too then she has too... why she want to sell?
Runaway is a great location, but free standing houses there were ~150 10 yrs ago.
There's only so much price rise that a market will bear before people realise other options are better. So it went from really cheap to a bit expensive.
Tough call though, and it's hard to squeeze extra CF from a townhouse.
Maybe wrap it to someone else and let them foot the bill lol

why she want to sell?
I suggest consulting an abacus.
Runaway has been a source of some pain recently. I've seen several extraordinary train-wrecks including one that saw a 50% drop from '05 and resulted in the bankruptcy of the investor.