Rural land SEQ: any ideas to assist selling?

Discussion in 'Property Investment - Other' started by Kiam Kelly, 5th May, 2009.

  1. Kiam Kelly

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    5th May, 2009
    Brisbane, Queensland
    Hi everyone

    I've seen some great advice and discussions on this forum, but this is my first post and I'm hoping someone may be able to assist us with some advice. We have rural land for sale, about 20 minutes outside Warwick in South East Queensland (about 2.5 hours from Brisbane). We have three blocks here that we'd like to sell: the first one we'd like to sell is 250 acres, with the other 2 blocks after this. The block is along the Queensland/NSW border ranges and has magnificent views, good underground water supply, partially cleared, mostly fenced, and a resort next door (with golf course, horse riding, bike riding, restaurant etc).The problem seems to be in finding a real estate agent who specialises in this type of property. Most seem to deal in houses, development sites, or established rural properties with houses etc in place. We've considered marketing it ourselves but a few advertisements placed in the Courier Mail and the Country Life have not yielded any worthwhile leads. The block would be great for someone who wanted to start a small rural enterprice (perhaps grazing cattle or goats, agistment, timber etc); or just as a getaway block; perhaps development of a motorcross or 4WD park or other development; or even building a home away from the rat-race, without the worry of power costs (due to solar + wind), water costs (due to own tanks + underground supply), no traffic, next to fabulous areas in Main Range National Park, yet close to the major shopping centre of Warwick and only 2.5 hours to Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

    Could anyone with ideas or experience in selling this type of rural property please give us any suggestions to assist in selling this block.
  2. our obsession

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    8th Apr, 2005
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    Kiam, just some ideas:

    -If I was buying/searching for rural land, along with keeping eyes/ears wide open and looking everywhere, my first port of call/visits would be Elders:

    Now this is all applies to IF I was buying in Victoria, I'm not that familiar with equivalent rural land agents north, but it looks like Elders does a bit of business up there.

    -Also, Landmark:

    -Dear old faithful Realestate site has a rural section, it also has a land section, but I would think you are marketing rural land and it would go in rural:

    Just because it maybe land only, no improvements, (shedding/house/fencing etc), doesn't mean it shouldn't go in with the rest of rural stuff.

    Now that is just 3 sites on the net. I'm sure there would be other sites you could consider, get creative, any (free) for sale sites that sells a bit of everything? Also, the private sale real estate sites, maybe a google to find those, and work your way through what seems to have some rural sales.

    Then the paper, local paper? Rural papers?, ummm, like we have Weekly Times here, it has rural properties and land for sale Australia wide.

    (If land is placed with Elders, Landmark etc hopefully they place advertising in the rural rags..).

    Also: (It has a good list of inclusive publications)


    Farm Weekly WA

    North Queensland Register

    Queensland Country Life

    Stock & Land VIC

    Stock Journal SA

    The Land NSW


    Australian Cotton Outlook

    Australian Dairyfarmer

    Australian Farm Journal

    Australian Landcare



    Australasian Flowers

    Australian Horticulture

    Good Fruit & Vegetables

    Irrigation and Water Resources

    ...and I just had a quickie google and found this, I know nothing about it:

    So, lots of stuff to tinker and think and ask about...don't forget photos....if it's scenic and beautiful, good pictures "out there" to help sell it.

    Not forgetting the obvious, For Sale signs on the perimeters/fence? of the properties, and contact numbers, good photos and flyers in local agricultural stores in nearest towns, local papers, maybe flyers run off and passed on via mail to surrounding neighbors near your land, young Jack or Jane the farmer's son/daughter might be interested...or anyone for that matter.

    Local Pub. Nearest local Pubs...:) Very important business goes on there.
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  3. Kiam Kelly

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    5th May, 2009
    Brisbane, Queensland
    Thanks very much for these ideas - I'll try Elders and also local fliers to start.:)
  4. Bill.L

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    20th Aug, 2002
    Hi all,



    nice ad.. must be paradise..

    Kiam, how about you tell us about your property adventures, instead of just advertising what you have for sale??

  5. craigb

    craigb craigb

    2nd Sep, 2008
    canberra act
    have you aproached the resort next door they might want to put in a 27 hole golf course and driving range??? just a thought?:rolleyes:
  6. Kiam Kelly

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    5th May, 2009
    Brisbane, Queensland
    Hi Bill

    Sorry about it sounding a bit like an adverisement:) Didn't mean to upset anyone. It's just that we have had no success with one local agent; we are not sure which other local agents to try (there are about 25 or so in Warwick someone told me!), and I'd like to think outside the square about other methods to sell rather than just picking one or a few agents. I thought if I did not give people an idea of the type of land, then I may get suggestions that aren't really appropriate, e.g.subdivision for development etc, which is not possible for these blocks.

    My property adventures? How about how to deal with feral pigs? How to arrange dozers to clear boundary lines, and the laws regarding vegetation clearing along fence lines? Or perhaps organising 4 barb fences and how to put them up while trying to minimise those nasty barb wire cuts (always seem to get a few)? Cutting strainer posts hints? Or my personal dislike of cutting in stays. I just did not think this seemed to fit with most of the discussions, but happy to elaborate further if anyone is interested. Other than that we just own a few places in Brisbane and another property near Killarney. We love the rural life, where our 2 girls can just run free, get dirty and no-one cares, and the happiness we all get from working and playing together in the bush some weekends/holidays. Nothing beats making your own mudslide into the dam, or building your own canoe to paddle.

    Next visit I think we just might head to the local pub and local stores to follow up on some of the helpful ideas from "our obsession".