Ryder reports anyone

I've recently purchased the latest Ryder reports and am looking for someone that has Residex reports and would like to swap.
I think the shine has gone off ryders noggin in the past year

His problem is that he is actually in a business where to make money he needs to keep producing reports

Consequently he's declared every city suburb and shanty town in Australia a hot spot

What's next , Norseman? Iron Knob?

You could put a case forward for just about everywhere in Aus but it's predicting it with certainty that will win you credit
I'd have to agree with whats been said Nelson, to an extent. It's always interesting to read these reports particularly if your own research has bought your DD onto an area. These reports can give you a lot of the infrastructure figures and what-have-you. However, nothing beats your own DD or networking on forums like this. TR, although I am interesting in his information, does appear to be producing these reports in quick succession as indicated.