Sage thoughts

Following on from the great thread about Ruby's $100... (Which we all know would go on chocolate... hehe) I was thinking...

Now, I don't do that often (think, that is) so listen up, in case this actually makes sense!!!

I was wondering, what people's favorite 'oops' saying is and why?
Especially with property related stuff...

Mine is:

"You can't pay too much, only too soon"

I must admit I stole it from Rick Otton's seminar, but I love it.
It really sums up the whole idea of capital gain. If you pay too much it will affect you, but time will make the purchase price catch up to reality.

What are other people's?

asy :D
G'Day All

one i always tend to use.........

"what seems dear in real estate today, will seem cheap tomorrow"

...........and hasn't that been proven time and time again.

I have always loved the Henry Ford classic explanation on naming his 'T' model Ford.

"The only difference between CAN and CAN'T is the letter T!"

Just love it.

And of course, my tag comes in at a very close 2nd.
Confucious also says.......

......"Man who lives in glass house, should make love in basement"